The wrong plugin – Panama Papers leaks according to Wordfence

Wordfence details how the Mossberg Fonseca (AKA The Panama Papers) breach occurred, “thanks” to the vulnerabilities in the Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin and two mail plugins; one of them, the WP SMTP plugin, apparently stores email server address and login information in plain text in the WordPress database (yippie ki-yay for cryptography!).

Esay enough to understand how the culture, knowledge and training about cybersecurity (so 80’, uh?! 😀 ) is a fundamental asset for every company today (for everyone, indeed).

Mandatory reading.

Stay Tuned,

P.S. Icing on top of the cake, there’s also a version of Drupal involved with 23 known vulnerabilities. Too good to be true, from hacker’s point of view.

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