Quote Of The Day

Microsoft will use Intel’s seventh generation Core i7 chip, just like Apple’s fastest standard iMac introduced in mid-2017. But rather than complaining that Microsoft’s brand new Surface Studio 2 should be using Intel’s latest available processor, Hachman stated, “fortunately, performance isn’t why you’ll buy the Microsoft Surface Studio 2: It’s that amazing, vibrant display.” That’s […]

Due pesi, due misure.

Microsoft doubled down on evolutionary enhancements to the Surface Pro until 2015, when it launched a more conventional Surface Book laptop and rebranded an acquired digital whiteboard as Surface Hub. It then launched Surface Studio (a mini PC attached to a large, pivoting touch screen) and last year an even more mundane Surface Laptop. It […]

Windows 8, ma forse no, ma anche sì, insomma vedremo

Quindi, riassumendo, non ti piace l’iPad perché vuoi lavorare con due apps in split-screen, ma metà della gestione dello split suddetto ti fa schifo, ed hai dovuto prendere un Surface Pro, il cui selling point è il Desktop di Windows classico e conseguente compatibilità, che però come Desktop classico fa schifo su un touch, e […]