Quote of the Day

The companies which are looking to sell to them should be well aware that the sub-fractionalization of attention isn’t a good thing. In reality, this is a terrible development for advertisers and even for those pinning influencer-marketing channels. The meme fatigue and phone bored might as well turn out to be ticking time-bombs of the […]

Quote Of The Day

The Dutch municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk is testing a new system for traffic lights which embeds a thin strip of LEDs on the pavement before busy road crossings, to signal to inattentive smartphone users whether or not it’s safe to step out. … Kees Oskam, a councillor in the municipality, said that people were increasingly distracted […]

Due velocità

Shaun MacGill fa notare come ormai la parola smartphone, in un mondo in cui la grande maggioranza dei telefoni ha almeno qualche funzione in grado di definirlo come “smart”, non abbia più molto senso, e propone di tornare a definirli semplicemente come telefoni. Pur notando, lui in primis, come l’uso della parte telefonica sia marginale, […]