Quote of the Day

Schools, in particular, shouldn’t be relying upon technologies built by companies with a business model dependent on mass data collection. Nick Heer – Apple’s “New” Education Strategy La differenza tra “sponsor” e “sponsor per interesse esclusivo di chi sponsorizza” comincia ad emergere chiara anche in chi finora sembra essersene preoccupato poco (si parla di intere […]

Quote Of The Day

Tutta questa condivisione porterà, alla fine, ad uno sfaldamento della privacy. Nè le tecnologie per la salvaguardia della privacy nè leggi più restrittive – cardini del tradizionale attivismo in difesa della privacy – saranno più sufficiente, perché sarà consigliabile condividere anziché proteggere i nostri dati. E. Morozov – Internet non salverà il mondo Stay Tuned, […]

Hai le chiavi della gabbia, ma non vuoi uscire

Like the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, or the houses we live in, our photographs are another vehicle to which the world judges us because the world expects to see proof of our beautiful, happy lives and we have grown to crave that attention. In this light, photography has grown vain in its […]

Il Grandissimo Fratello

According to a recent survey by the consumer research firm Survata, people care more about Google accessing their personal electronic data than they do the NSA, their boss, their parents, or their spouse. Which is unfortunate, given that your parents and boss will probably never see everything you search, e-mail and click — while Google […]

E il problema sarebbe Spotlight?

Verizon apparently created this mechanism to expand their advertising programs, but it has privacy implications far beyond those programs. Indeed, while we’re concerned about Verizon’s own use of the header, we’re even more worried about what it allows others to find out about Verizon users. The X-UIDH header effectively reinvents the cookie, but does so […]