Quote of the day

Netflix estimates that it uses around 700 microservices to control each of the many parts of what makes up the entire Netflix service: one microservice stores what all shows you watched, one deducts the monthly fee from your credit card, one provides your device with the correct video files that it can play, one takes […]

Non è tutto Chrome quello che luccica

Features, even features that help us build faster, more capable, more powerful web applications are only great if they work well. And herein is the problem; Google implements features that (usually) work at a high pace, but they very rarely make them work efficiently. Chrome has had such a problem with performance they formed a […]

Ancora sull’abbondanza

[…] when you have unlimited choices, it does become easy to revert to the same old things you know you’ll love. A few thoughts on this: one, there’s nothing wrong with cultural comfort food. Not being the mood to explore or discover is fine, as long as you don’t find yourself in a total rut. […]