Quote Of The Day

Outside of cloud storage management, background privileges for apps could enable a host of helpful utilities and automation. Clipboard management, for example, should be just as easy on the iPad Pro as it is on a Mac, where an app like Copied can instantly, invisibly log everything you copy across the system. Wouldn’t it be […]

Il Mac è morto, viva iOS

Titolone ad effetto, lo riconosco. Scusate, non lo farò più, caffè pagato se passate da qui. Trovo però notevole uno degli insegnamenti tratti da John Gruber grazie allo sviluppo di Vesper (sviluppo terminato, se volete sapere bene il perché rivolgetevi a Gruber stesso ). Quando una delle autorità in ambito Apple come lui inserisce nella […]

[La complessità] è tutta intorno a te

So far, the best reason I’ve come up with for Apple to remove the headphone jack is this: Removing one jack cuts the number of plugs on the iPhone in half. Apple’s quest for simplification is legendary, and offering devices with an array of jacks of different shapes and sizes and compatibilities has always been […]

False friends

Conoscete MacKeeper? (grassetto mio) Literally every time I work in the computer store, we’ll get a customer whose Mac is plagued with problems they don’t understand: Their Mac is acting slow. It crashes. And more. And in more cases than not, we find that they’ve installed a program called MacKeeper. Removing MacKeeper fixes the problem. […]