Il futuro di Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts è stato acquisito da un consorzio formato principalmente da radio pubbliche americane. Due commenti riassumono perfettamente la reazione ambivalente di chi, come me, ritiene Pocket Casts il più versatile software per la riproduzione di podcast attualmente in circolazione. Il primo è dell’immancabile Viticci, che pare condividere una certa preoccupazione di fondo, anche se […]

Quote of the Day

The latest Facebook and Cambridge Analytica fiasco gave Cook the opportunity to rightly point out how much more strict Apple is about privacy and security than most other big tech companies. Swisher asked him what he would do if he was in Mark Zuckerberg’s shoes, to which he replied, “I wouldn’t be in this situation.” […]

Quote of the Day

The companies which are looking to sell to them should be well aware that the sub-fractionalization of attention isn’t a good thing. In reality, this is a terrible development for advertisers and even for those pinning influencer-marketing channels. The meme fatigue and phone bored might as well turn out to be ticking time-bombs of the […]

Quote of the Day

Amazon and Google (…) say the assistants record and process audio only after users trigger them by pushing a button or uttering a phrase like “Hey, Alexa” or “O.K., Google.” But each company has filed patent applications, many of them still under consideration, that outline an array of possibilities for how devices like these could […]

Quote of the Day

Schools, in particular, shouldn’t be relying upon technologies built by companies with a business model dependent on mass data collection. Nick Heer – Apple’s “New” Education Strategy La differenza tra “sponsor” e “sponsor per interesse esclusivo di chi sponsorizza” comincia ad emergere chiara anche in chi finora sembra essersene preoccupato poco (si parla di intere […]

‘sodes – Binge podcasting

There are no download queues to manage, no auto-deletion behaviors to configure, no inboxes to triage. You tap an episode and it plays. It requires an internet connection, yes, but so do video streaming apps. My use case for podcast listening mirrors how I binge watch pleasantly-shitty Netflix shows about crusty-but-benign police lieutenants and ex-Supreme […]

Allergia da spot

Riflessione interessante come al solito di Om Malik, incentrata sulla possibilità (assai remota) vagheggiata dagli inserzionisti che la pubblicità nella sua forma “classica televisiva” possa traslare pressoché invariata sulle piattaforme di streaming, ed in generale sui “contenuti video online” Link Questo brano in particolare mi suona familiare: If Netflix (and the like) continue to grab […]

Caramelle dagli sconosciuti

The first step is to send a spoofed Apple email or SMS message, notifying the victim that their device has been recovered. No doubt desperate to get their device back, the victim then clicks on a link which requires their iCloud account credentials. These stolen details are then used to access and compromise the iCloud […]