Instagram, l’unico vero social network fotografico.

I love beautiful photography and there is a lot of that on IG. Where else can I gawk at the work of some of my favorite photographers. IG is owned by Facebook, and it does all the shifty things it’s parent does — tracking, manipulating, popularity driven algorithms, and lack of empathy. But good lord, […]

L’assenza è presenza

A LinkedIn Page is devoid of any personality. At the same time, Twitter profiles have no details. Instagram is just a soft sell. It’s a lot of work to add up the information on someone’s LinkedIn profile and Facebook page, and you will still end up short of a complete view of that person. What […]

Instagram, Twitter e il rumore di fondo

John Gruber, a commento di un articolo di TechCrunch: […] part of Instagram’s success is that their interface is simpler, and the rules for what you see in your feed are like what Twitter’s used to be: a simple chronological list of posts from the people you choose to follow. Semplicità, certo. Sto rivalutando recentemente […]