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Once again, The Macalope is forced to drag Schrödinger’s cat from its theoretical box in order to present the mystery of how the iPhone’s percentage of Apple’s revenue can be both bad when it’s high and bad when it’s low. Writing for MarketWatch, Jon Swartz says “The iPhone just did something it hasn’t done in […]

Ladri informati(ci)?

The Loop che rilancia un post su Reddit (possibile quindi si tratti dei una bufala, per stessa ammissione di Dave Mark): Reddit user: I came home this evening to find my house had been broken into. TV – Gone Bluetooth Speaker – Gone Wifes work Laptop (HP) – Gone DSLR Camera – Gone Logitech Headset […]

Quote Of The Day

Apple does its part in trying to combat these insidious privacy violations. They have rules that disallow tracking users without their knowledge; they display permissions dialogs. But nobody’s fooling themselves: bad developers will always find a way to excavate user data. Just look at the myriad shitty uses of JavaScript on the web. Besides, asking […]

Quote Of The Day

Apple keeps doing its own thing, regularly showing off its work in front of an adversarial media audience that mocks and derides its presentations in a way that is really never seen with the press presentations of Microsoft, Samsung, Google, and certainly not Huawei. There’s far more media outrage about Apple putting a Lightning port […]

HomeKit è ancora un deserto?

Jason Snell, su Macworld, a proposito di HomeKit. Pare ci siano tutti gli ingredienti per una bella confutazione pezzo per pezzo. Procediamo, dunque. Si parte dalla notizia dell’assunzione, in quel di Cupertino, di tale Sam Jadallah, ex CEO di una compagnia che produceva serrature smart (Otto), ex dipendente Microsoft, ex “socio” di una compagnia di […]

Quote Of The Day

There will be major new products from Apple, someday, when they’re ready. There is no rush for them. If you’re worried about Apple’s near-future success, the key is their execution on their existing products. The Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Watch are all businesses that any company would kill for. Apple has all of them, and […]

Due pesi, molte misure

Fraser Speirs scrive un interessante post sul suo passaggio dall’accoppiata iPad-MacBook Pro all’uso esclusivo di un Pixelbook. Un sacco di spunti notevoli, inframezzati da alcune imprecisioni colossali e mezze verità. Tenendo conto che tutta la discussione nasce dall’assoluta necessità dell’autore di utilizzare la suite di Google, combinata con la volontà (non penso si tratti d’incapacità) […]

Il Galaxy Note 9 è costretto ad essere un “mezzo computer”

Leggo un post interessante di un blog che ho iniziato seguire da poco: l’autore sostiene che Apple sia impegnata ad introdurre “features ridicole” come i Memoji che “nessuno ha chiesto”, mentre Samsung con il Note 9 realizza il suo sogno di poter utilizzare un unico terminale come mobile e sostituto del PC. Continuo a non […]

Quote Of The Day

Microsoft will use Intel’s seventh generation Core i7 chip, just like Apple’s fastest standard iMac introduced in mid-2017. But rather than complaining that Microsoft’s brand new Surface Studio 2 should be using Intel’s latest available processor, Hachman stated, “fortunately, performance isn’t why you’ll buy the Microsoft Surface Studio 2: It’s that amazing, vibrant display.” That’s […]

Due pesi, due misure.

Microsoft doubled down on evolutionary enhancements to the Surface Pro until 2015, when it launched a more conventional Surface Book laptop and rebranded an acquired digital whiteboard as Surface Hub. It then launched Surface Studio (a mini PC attached to a large, pivoting touch screen) and last year an even more mundane Surface Laptop. It […]