Semplicità Vs semplicità

Users are happy because in many cases they get to learn to do everything the app lets them do rather quickly. And if a certain app doesn’t provide a specific feature they need, they can always find another one that does. And another one. And another one until a full range of tasks can be accomplished. Everything gets more easily digested because it’s assimilated in small bites. This is one very important strength of iOS and I think it’s what makes iOS appealing to many tech-averse people.

Riccardo Mori

Anche se credo che la contrapposizione – per così dire – assoluta che Riccardo vede negli articoli di lode sperticata ad iOS sia effettivamente una sottovalutazione (o un errore di valutazione) a danno del Mac, la sua analisi è come sempre molto precisa e stimolante.

Inoltre, questa parte sintetizza alla perfezione il rapporto tra iOS e OSX:

More than one platform being simpler/easier than the other, I believe that with iOS and Mac OS X we have two different types of simplicity:

iOS has smaller, more straightforward apps that usually have little to no learning curve. Combined with the directness of the touch interface, they create an overall pleasant, fun, less intimidating experience for the user.
Mac OS X usually has bigger, more complex apps, but with a broader scope. In some cases it’s necessary to spend a bit more time learning how to take advantage of everything an app can offer, but the reward is a simpler workflow and fewer switches from one app to another, because certain tasks can easily be accomplished without leaving an app, without needing assistance from other apps.

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