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You can assign mouse buttons to all sorts of actions, including Shortcuts, which is pretty amazing—but I’m surprised that (at least in this first beta) Apple’s own pointing devices aren’t better supported. The Magic Trackpad is built for multitouch gestures, but iPadOS 13 doesn’t seem to support them. I should be able to use a scroll wheel or two-finger scroll to scroll through documents on the iPad, but it’s just not there.

Fortunately, this is just the first developer beta, so I have a little hope that with a few tweaks this feature can be made much more usable than it is at present.

iPadOS 13: The wish list meets reality – Six Colors

Stay Tuned,

N.B. Perdo tempo nel chiedermi se in effetti non si debba chiamare iPadOS 1. Ecco, adesso lo state perdendo anche voi: mission accomplished.

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