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Microsoft will use Intel’s seventh generation Core i7 chip, just like Apple’s fastest standard iMac introduced in mid-2017. But rather than complaining that Microsoft’s brand new Surface Studio 2 should be using Intel’s latest available processor, Hachman stated, “fortunately, performance isn’t why you’ll buy the Microsoft Surface Studio 2: It’s that amazing, vibrant display.”

That’s right: after decades of chiding Apple for not building a “headless” PC box from the 90s, suddenly the reason “you’ll buy the Microsoft Surface Studio 2” (and don’t worry, you actually won’t) is because it incorporates a nice display. Specifically, as Hachman detailed, a “4500×3000 28-inch RealSense display that puts out even more light than before—over 500 nits!” He added that “it was like falling into a more vibrant, colorful world.”

Apple’s “vibrant” 5K iMac first shipped four years ago.

Alternatively, you might say it’s like walking into the summer of 2017, when Apple released its 5K iMac with 500 nits (!) of brightness. Vibrant color on a vastly high resolution display (5120 × 2880, higher than Surface Studio 2, and in a more media-creative friendly 16:9 aspect ratio) first appeared with the 5K iMac in late 2014 (upgraded to P3 wide color gamut three years ago). To speak of this stuff as being “more than ever before” and a new epoch of computing is just kind of nutty.

Is Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2 the hardware Apple wishes it could ship?

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