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In my desire to have a work free holiday I had forgotten rule number one of Getting Things Done: get it out of your head. By forcing myself to do nothing work-related, I hadn’t done anything with the random thoughts that occur on a daily basis. So by focussing on not working I had basically forced my head to keep churning on those same couple of thoughts over and over again because I didn’t want to forget them once my vacation was over.

So today I went to my favorite coffee bar with a blank Field Notes and a good pen and wrote down everything that was on my mind. Five pages later I had dozens of ideas, thoughts and tasks written down. I won’t act on them, hell, I’m not even going to process them. But at least now they’re written down in an unordered list and I can forget about them until next week.

That feeling of stress? Gone.
Vacation doesn’t mean ignoring work related thoughts. It means writing them down and deferring them so you can focus on something else. Or nothing.

Thomas Verschoren

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