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The watch shines as a notification delivery system, and it would be excellent for this customisation and power to come to iOS notifications as well.
The vast majority of my watch interactions are done via reading notifications and sometimes hitting one of the action buttons. It is not possible to have a dynamic notification UI without also providing a watch app. I feel that this restriction, and fears of watch apps being rejected for offering no “real” functionality, lies behind several of the somewhat lacklustre or pointless-feeling watch apps on the store today. I’m sure there are plenty of cases where dynamic notifications make sense, but an app does not.
The best watch app is the one you never have to launch. If you have notifications, put the work in to make them so good, the user never bothers with the app.

The Syndicate

Anche con le prestazioni incredibilmente migliori dovute a WatchOS3, la migliore esperienza utente con Watch si ha nelle interazioni “quick & dirty”: notifiche, dettatura, pochi pulsanti, meglio se Rispondi/Archivia/Cestina.

Aprire l’app è l’estrema risorsa (non dico che non succederà mai, ma per un periodo – presumibilmente lungo – l’iPhone resterà irraggiungibile come livello di esperienza utente per funzioni complesse), ed è a mio avviso concettualmente giusto che sia così.

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