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There’s something special about the iPad.

In some ways it is a science fiction future made real: a computer, as much as possible, without the computer. More so than a whisper quiet Mac Pro, more so than an iMac floating on its aluminum foot, more so than the razor-thin Retina MacBook, the iPad is the least computer-like computer ever made. There is no keyboard, no abstract pointing device — just a screen, just your work.

The new 9.7″ iPad Pro incorporates almost all the features of its larger 12.9″ brother.
And people love it. The thinner and lighter it becomes, the more they love it. The faster it becomes, the more they love it. The more capable it becomes (with better cameras, brighter screens, top-notch security, and more sophisticated software) the more they love it. However, as with any love, criticisms cut more painfully. When the iPad can’t edit a document in place because the developer doesn’t yet support Document Providers, when an app refuses to obey split-screen multitasking for similar reasons, when a mission-critical website won’t render or behave properly, we feel an emotional response. Love is, by definition, emotional. And people love the iPad.

The 9.7" iPad Pro Review — Tools and Toys

Una delle (molte) ottime recensioni in giro. L’iPad si avvicina sempre più – ad ogni incarnazione – all’idea alla base della prima versione.

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