Purosangue dopato

David Pogue ha voluto testare personalmente la superiore qualità audio offerta dal Pono.

Il risultato (praticamente nessuno ha colto differenze tra il Pono ed un iPhone) non deve però averlo convinto granché…

So I wrote to Pono — and heard back from Neil Young himself.

Lo sciagurato rispose 🙂

“Of approximately 100 top-seed artists who compared Pono to low resolution MP3s,” he wrote, “all of them heard and felt the Pono difference, rewarding to the human senses, and is what Pono thinks you deserve to hear.”

Al che, io e David (complice forse l’omonimia) abbiamo pensato la medesima cosa:

Aha — there’s a key phrase in there: low-resolution MP3s.

[…] testing involved a remastered, high-resolution audio file going head-to-head with an original, crummy MP3 of the same song, you’d hear a difference.

Ma allora è un trucco? Quasi.

The thing is, that’s not a fair test. The music we buy today from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and similar online stores has much higher quality than low-res MP3 files. Why would you spend $400 on a new player and re-buy all of your music files if the result sounds no better than what’s on your phone already?

Riassunto buonista, ma su cui sono in sostanza d’accordo:

Neil Young and the believers in high-res audio aren’t fools, and their hearts are in the right place. But Pono’s statement that “Everyone who’s ever heard PonoMusic will tell you that the difference is surprising and dramatic” is baloney. When conducting the test with today’s modern music files, I couldn’t find even one person who heard a dramatic difference.

Somiglia un po’ a quelli che dicono di riuscire a distinguere delle note di lampone disidratato antani come se fosse del nord ovest dell’Anatolia, colto di Mercoledì nel vino, e poi si offendono quando gli fai vedere che gli hai servito del Tavernello dal cartone.

Stay Tuned,

P.S. Anche Ars Technica ci va giù abbastanza pesante:

You know how every once in a while you buy the $40 bottle of wine instead of the $8 one, thinking you’re gonna have a special dinner or something?” Senior Reviews Editor Lee Hutchinson wrote over instant message. “And you get home, and you make the salmon or the pasta or whatever and you light the candles? And you pour the wine, swirl it like they do in Sideways so that it looks like you know what you’re doing… you bring it to your lips and after smelling it—it smells like wine—you have a sip? And it’s like… yeah, I guess this tastes good or something, but really it just tastes like wine?
The Pono Player is kinda like that, but for music.

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