Non è tutto Chrome quello che luccica

Features, even features that help us build faster, more capable, more powerful web applications are only great if they work well. And herein is the problem; Google implements features that (usually) work at a high pace, but they very rarely make them work efficiently.

Chrome has had such a problem with performance they formed a special group just to work the problem, but in nearly two years time that group has yet to produce anything tangible. Instead, they introduced us to shiny few features (…) in the hope that new tools would magically make their performance gap go away. It doesn’t matter to them that even these shiny new tools are 3x+ slower than their peer’s counterparts.

The end result of this is that we’ve been brainwashed into believing Chrome is the best browser, when the reality is that across all metrics, Chrome is 3x to 300x slower than Safari. The situation is dire enough that even desktop Chrome often gets beat by mobile Safari in performance benchmarks.

Chris Thoburn on Medium

Grazie a Luca Zorzi per la segnalazione (via Pocket feed 😉 ).

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