…app delivery services? They fuck you. They fuck you every time.

Why? Because they know you have very little recourse.

When you move, or when you have small kids, all too often you find yourself just wanting some food. These apps are super easy and pretty inexpensive to utilize, so you start ordering stuff from them. Whatever, better than you loading crying kids into the car, or trying to figure out where your wallet is in the sea of boxes. Great if you are sick, right?

The thing is, in theory, these services should kill drive thrus. They should wreak havoc like Uber and Lyft have on the taxi cab industry. But they don’t and they won’t, and there’s a few reasons why:

I’m Done With Food Delivery Services – The Brooks Review

Eccesso di legiferazione per disciplinare in modo minuto ogni aspetto dalla condotta umana, nel patetico tentativo di chiudere tutte le scappatoie e controllare ogni azione e reazione. Poche velleità umane sono destinate al fallimento come questa.

Quello che sfugge (ma forse non sfugge realmente), è che nessuna ipernormazione potrà mai sostituirsi alla norma sociale, che è alla base della coesione di una popolazione. La norma sociale è quel potentissimo tratto culturale condiviso che porta a vedere lo Stato come parte di sé e dell’organizzazione di una società, non come una entità che vuol fotterti e che devi quindi assolutamente fottere. La norma sociale genera se non fiducia quanto meno un livello di diffidenza che non porti alla paralisi di una società, ed al suo affossamento. E contribuisce a sostituire l’ipernormazione con i comportamenti individuali.

La sconfitta di Borrelli, la tragedia di un popolo – Phastidio

It’s not so much that Prime is a good deal. It’s that Prime is a great trick. When I look back at my spending over the past five years, my profile perfectly matches up with that of the typical Prime member. According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Prime customers spend more than twice as much money on Amazon goods than non-members, and when Amazon hikes the price of membership, those Prime customers actually spend even more. That’s the business model. Historically, Amazon has actually lost money on perks like free two-day shipping, but the company is making up for it not only by impelling Prime customers to buy more stuff but also, increasingly, by encouraging them to buy goods from Amazon’s private label brands, which get promoted above other brands in searches on the site. Some say this represents a devious type of monopolistic business practices. I’m inclined to agree.

I’m Starting to Have Serious Doubts About Amazon Prime

Foreigners crossing certain Chinese borders into the Xinjiang region, where authorities are conducting a massive campaign of surveillance and oppression against the local Muslim population, are being forced to install a piece of malware on their phones that gives all of their text messages as well as other pieces of data to the authorities, a collaboration by Motherboard, Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Guardian, the New York Times, and the German public broadcaster NDR has found.

The Android malware, which is installed by a border guard when they physically seize the phone, also scans the tourist or traveller’s device for a specific set of files, according to multiple expert analyses of the software. The files authorities are looking for include Islamic extremist content, but also innocuous Islamic material, academic books on Islam by leading researchers, and even music from a Japanese metal band.

 China Is Forcing Tourists to Install Text-Stealing Malware at its Border 

Sicuri che l’idea che Facebook & C. sulla base delle elaborazioni di un algoritmo – poco o niente affatto trasparente – segnalino decine, centinaia o migliaia dei loro miliardi di utenti all’intelligence come potenziali criminali, assassini, autori di stragi sanguinarie sia una buona idea?

I processi dei vecchi media hanno già rovinato migliaia di vite condannando, spesso, innocenti.

I processi dei nuovi media possono essere straordinariamente più pericolosi.

E gli algoritmi sbagliano come gli uomini.

Strage di El Paso: precrimine con i social network. Procedere con prudenza – L’Avvocato del Diavolo

In 1942, Executive Order 9066 sent tens of thousands of Americans to internment camps. And history is repeating itself.

Japanese Internment Hasn’t Taught Us Anything – The Nib

Typical review of GORUCK: “This bag might be the most durable bag you can buy.” Typical review of a second tier durable bag (thinK Evergoods, or any other company using 500D Cordura): “this is a very durable bag.”

First, that’s all lies. Second, and I think this is important, those comments are being said without any testing to back them. Oh, yes, sure the writer stuffed his (it is always a guy) laptop and other shit in the backpack for the last week (which actually means Tuesday – Friday because the bag came Monday, and the writer has no need for a bag on the weekend) and went about his days walking around a tiny bit with the bag.

Maybe they even took a flight with the bag! Hot damn!

Durability is not a metric the vast majority (mostly me included, I’ll get to my own bullshit later on) of reviewers cannot adequately speak to, and yet they use that as a metric for why the bag is bad ass and why you should buy it. This is slowly driving me mad.

Durability Is a Bad Metric, Let’s Stop – The Brooks Review

Le recensioni fatte dopo cinque/sei/dieci/ giorni di uso dell’oggetto sono fuffa.
Puro intrattenimento, gradevole, se preso però rigorosamente come tale.

Women losing their jobs for getting pregnant in Japan – Al Jazeera English via Alfonso Lòpez Tena

By adding Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Student members can now get over 50 million songs, thousands of curated playlists and stations, and discover new music through voice with Alexa

Amazon Music: 50 million songs
Apple Music: 50 million songs
Spotify: 35 million songs
This is no small thing. Amazon is quickly gaining on both Apple Music and Spotify. In part, this is due to the wild success of Echo and Alexa. Imagine how this would be if Amazon had a successful phone and watch to add to the mix.

Amazon introduces Prime Student Amazon Music Unlimited for just 0.99$ a month – The Loop

The DOJ and the FBI argue that catching criminals and terrorists should be the top priority, even if watered-down encryption creates hacking risks. The Commerce and State Departments disagree, pointing to the economic, security and diplomatic consequences of mandating encryption “backdoors.”

DHS is internally divided. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency knows the importance of encrypting sensitive data, especially in critical infrastructure operations, but ICE and the Secret Service regularly run into encryption roadblocks during their investigations.

Trump officials weigh encryption crackdown – Politico

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