Wait, did you already update the app? If you did, you’re basically infected. You’re Tech-phoid Mary. You should be quar-app-tined.

They Ruined the App | The New Yorker

Often we end up creating artificial categories based on how the product is marketed even though the way it is used is very different from what it says on the box.
The PC market is a unique case study because of how many entrenched workflows users have. These are workflows that are old and might not be perfect, but the familiarity we have with them leads us to believe we cannot do without. The mouse is a good example. For many PC users the mouse is a core part of the experience which means that because the iPad Pro does not support a mouse, it cannot be a PC replacement.

 What the iPad Pro Enables Matters More Than What It Replaces – Techpinions

The iPad is not a computer, not as the term’s been defined for the past 40 years. It’s something new and different, and it excels in some ways that PCs don’t while also struggling to do some things that PCs do well.
Better is to judge the iPad on what it is – and where its potential lies. While it’s misguided to consider the iPad’s path incomplete until it turns itself into a PC, it’s fair to ask if the spectacular hardware Apple’s developed here is being let down by its software.
The iPad Pro isn’t a PC, and shouldn’t be judged as such. It’s something new, and different. But being new and different doesn’t mean it gets a free pass. It’s still got to measure up.
You have to judge a product on what it is.

iPad Pro 2018 review: A computer, not a PC – Jason Snell

Every time Apple introduces a new model of iPad, that old, nasty, stupid, pointless debate rears its ugly head. I’m referring of course to the Can this iPad replace a traditional computer? debate. Also known as Can the iPad become your primary, or even sole computer? Also known as Can the iPad be used for Serious Work?

From a rational standpoint, an iPad may not be the most convenient solution for certain tasks, or even the most practical. But a traditional computer can’t beat that thrill, that feeling of unbearable lightness, when you just grab the iPad from your desktop, put it in your slim messenger bag, and dash out. “I’ll keep checking that thing on the taxi”, “I’ll just shoot her an email while having a cappuccino at the coffee shop near the train station”. Your computing environment on a minimal surface.

Minimal surface nirvana – Riccardo Mori

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