We’re being watched. We know we’re being watched, and we don’t think the watchers have our best interests at heart. They try to mollify us, arguing that we’re being watched for our own good and that in fact we’re the ones in charge of the scale and scope of all the watching, but deep down most of us are confused and suspicious about this sudden state of affairs. Why are they watching us so closely? What will they do with all they learn about us? Is there any hope of stopping them? And does it even matter that we do not want to be watched — or is it of no consequence, because they know we’re trapped, and so do we?

We Hate Data Collection. That Doesn’t Mean We Can Stop It – Farhad Manjoo – The New York Times

Climate is changing our planet — and despite that, we as a society are failing to understand the emergency. A lot of the world as we know it is at risk. It doesn’t matter whose world — rich, poor, what religion or race, no matter which gender or color — once we lose what we cherish, it will be gone forever.

Venice & Climate Change – Om Malik

Sometimes I think the Apple Watch fitness tracking is amazing.

And sometimes I feel that my Apple Watch is trying to kill me.

For example… My November 2019 challenge is to get a total of 1,690 exercise minutes, which is an average of 56 minutes every single day. Almost double my normal goal. No thanks.

Or, consider the “stand trend”. The whole point of these trends is that you are supposed to be always trending upward! But, at what point is enough standing enough? Some of us sleep while lying down…

How to Have a Recovery Day With the Apple Watch – Shawn Blanc

Yesterday, after putting my 3 boys to bed, I was walking upstairs and encountered a fight scene on pause…

Annoyed Today, Nostalgic Tomorrow – Shawn Blanc

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