Le molte facce dell’accessibilità

People with dementia — and their families — are in a tough spot. Not only is this a terminal illness, but the progression leads to no longer recognizing family, or even being able to communicate. People become agitated because they are frustrated and then all too often prescribed heavy antipsychotic medications to calm them down. But these drugs come with serious side-effects, and the government is encouraging doctors to stop using these mostly ineffective drugs. Music that holds personal meaning is a back door to one’s cognition and sense of self. Much of the time the drugs can be replaced by music, which is amazing.

Alive Inside: A Story of Music, Memory and Accessibility

Magari una soluzione no. Ma stiamo parlando di ambiti in cui qualsiasi miglioramento, per quanto piccolo (e questo pare essere tutt’altro) aiuta infinitamente.

Specialmente se viene da chi, spesso, è stata accusata di vendere sovrapprezzo ad allocchi convinti solo dal marketing.

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