Ladri informati(ci)?

The Loop che rilancia un post su Reddit (possibile quindi si tratti dei una bufala, per stessa ammissione di Dave Mark):

Reddit user:

I came home this evening to find my house had been broken into.

TV – Gone
Bluetooth Speaker – Gone
Wifes work Laptop (HP) – Gone
DSLR Camera – Gone
Logitech Headset – Gone
Computer bag – Gone
But my MacBook Pro 15″ on the other hand? They literally took it out of my computer bag and left it on my desk alongside my iPad and Apple TV.

Why not take the Apple gear? Of course, this could just be a hoax, but set that possibility aside and consider the possibility that this is real.

Is it possible that the reputation of Apple gear as trackable, the strength of iCloud locking/deactivation/tracking as a security measure is affecting the theft of Macs, iPads, and iPhones? Interesting.

Magari avessimo a che fare tutti con ladri così (se proprio non si può fare a meno di averci a che fare, ovviamente).

Stay Tuned,

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