La tua libertà di prenderti la lebbra finisce dove inizio io

We’ve made vaccination a “personal choice” because anything else is too expensive, politically. Parents refusing vaccines are so numerous now that we can’t protect ourselves from them. We can’t know if the next visit to the doctor or the next day at school will expose us to a dangerous disease that was nearly eradicated a few years ago but is now, tragically and stupidly, on the rise.

A harmless “personal choice” doesn’t damage others. The color of your pants is a personal choice. Vaccine denial isn’t — it’s a severe risk to the public’s health and safety. Not just to the deniers — to everyone.

Cold –

Ancora una volta, l’aspetto più grave sta nel non considerare come le proprie scelte possano danneggiare gli altri.
Ignoranza ed egoismo.
Pessimi compagni.

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P.S. Volete rendere il tutto ancora più scemo? Considerate questo:

The first [problem – NdR] is that authenticity turns out to be just another form of hyper-competitive status seeking, exacerbating many of the very problems it was designed to solve. Second, and even more worrisome, is that the legitimate fear of the negative effects of technological evolution has given way to a paranoid rejection of science and even reason itself.

Lettura tanto desolante quanto illuminante.

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