Go Make Something

We decry the notion that tablets are only for consumption, not creation, but then the most popular uses of phones, tablets, computers, and the very internet itself is for consumption. We watch viral videos, read rehashed news stories, upvote funny comments — we consume content. That’s what tech ends up really being about. The only guy spending time wisely on Reddit is the one doing an AMA to promote his work; for everyone else, it’s almost only passive consumption of brain junk food.

Fuss about Instagram filters all you want, but at least it’s got more people than ever trying to capture moments artistically — creating something of value, at the very least to their own selves. That’s not bad.

Blogging, they say, is a dying art. Don’t let it die. Go write something, however small. Share your photos. Strive to improve. Try to take a slightly better picture every day — don’t go buy a new camera or new apps, but use what you have and improve your skills a bit at a time, and publish your efforts. Don’t read a book on coding — go try to tweak the CSS of your blog’s theme. It’s the perfect test ground where nothing can really go wrong (and if you’re that worried, go make another blog just to break.). Change some numbers here, refresh, see what broke. Now fix it. If you can’t fix it, Google the problem, and then fix it. Now go break something else. Then write another blog post, but break out the thesaurus and use words you’ve never used before. Use different sentence structures. Break English, and fix it, too.


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