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Conoscete MacKeeper? (grassetto mio)

Literally every time I work in the computer store, we’ll get a customer whose Mac is plagued with problems they don’t understand: Their Mac is acting slow. It crashes. And more. And in more cases than not, we find that they’ve installed a program called MacKeeper. Removing MacKeeper fixes the problem. So what is MacKeeper and why should you avoid it?

I’ve seen multitudes of forum posts and comments on web sites calling MacKeeper a virus or a malware package. The pathetic thing is that it isn’t. It’s just extremely persistent, poorly developed software whose developer tries very hard to keep you using the software and engages in really shady tactics to get you to use it in the first place.

What ‘MacKeeper’ is and why you should avoid it | iMore

Avete mai pensato a cosa sia cercare software valido gratis su Windows?

Freeware software vendors make almost all of their money by bundling complete nonsense and scareware that tricks users into paying to clean up their PC, despite the fact that you could prevent the need to clean up your PC by just not installing the crappy freeware to begin with.

And no matter how technical you might be, most of the installers are so confusing that there’s no way a non-geek could figure out how to avoid the awful. So if you recommend a piece of software to somebody, you are basically asking them to infect their computer.

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Pensate che Apple esageri con il suo walled garden?

“Microsoft can clean up Windows all they want. They can make it work well on all those device types and adapt seamlessly on devices that can transform. But PC makers will continue to do what they do as well. And while many of them create truly excellent hardware at a range of price points, virtually all of them—including well-respected companies like Dell, Lenovo and HP—also destroy the performance, reliability and, yes, respectability of those devices by loading them down with crapware.

Crapware destroys the Windows experience. It makes PCs more bloated, slower, and less efficient. The available disk space—which is at a premium in this age of low-storage devices—is compromised, as is battery life, boot and shutdown times, ongoing RAM and other resources usage, and more. Crapware is unnecessary, annoying—some even display pop-up ads—and hard (or in some cases, impossible) to actually remove.”

Paul Thurrott

Perché non basta un bollino per andare sul sicuro. Perche puoi anche crederti (addirittura, in una certa misura, essere) esperto, ma potrebbe non bastare (spoiler: non basta). Perché come detto già in passato, se non riesci a capire quale prodotto ti stiano vendendo, il prodotto sei tu.

P.S. Oh, l’ha detto quello di WindowsSupersite, mica io…

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