Disney+ , The Mandalorian e l’acquolina in bocca

Justified has been on my mind since Ringer chief content officer Sean Fennessey described The Mandalorian as “Justified with blasters” shortly after the new show’s Tuesday release.

As a person who loves Justified deeply, this checks out. Within minutes, The Mandalorian has invited you into a shabby dive bar where two poachers are, in full view of everyone, about to carve up another paying customer, because that’s the sort of thing that can happen in this universe. Before delivering his first line of dialogue, “Mando” (that’s our guy) smashes a stein over the big one’s head, then lassos and shoots the smaller one. That first line, to his actual quarry, with his hand on his blaster, is “I can bring you in hot or I can bring you in cold.” It reminded me of the Justified pilot, when Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins)—an old coal buddy of Raylan’s who’s wandered off the straight and narrow into armed robbery and white nationalism—asks whether Raylan would really shoot him, given the chance. Raylan adjusts his 10-gallon, coolly puts his blazer back on, and turns to leave. “You make me pull, I’ll put you down.” Mando didn’t get a chance to say this before decommissioning the bounty droid at the end of The Mandalorian premiere, but he certainly thought it loudly, and yes, that is the exact kind of passionless, principled killer shit that I get out of bed for.

”The Mandalorian” Could Be the Best TV Western Since “Justified” – The Ringer

Disney+ probabilmente avrà come effetto principale quello di peggiorare l’attuale problema dei servizi di streaming a pagamento, e sicuramente sta già impoverendo i concorrenti tramite politiche commerciali quantomeno opache.

Ma forse – ed è un grosso forse – il contributo artistico sarà sufficiente a farci sopportare queste antipatiche conseguenze.

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