Days Of Future Past – New Dark Age

From Tumblr days:

Inspiring post from Randy Murray. The point is: why should we desire possession/ownership instead of access to our data?

Starting from the capacity of our portable devices, the question is well posed, and I agree without a doubt: today, constant, reliable access is far more important than ownership in digital world; we live in a cloud-y environment (it’s not about our future use of technology, it’s happening now), mobile connections are becoming faster and more ubiquitous each day, growing at an unexpected pace.

Sadly, I still have one question, and this could be, in my experience, something deal-breaking: does every part of the world have same possibility regarding access?

I ain’t talking about the developing world, because it’s sufficient to “cross the pond” to find countries like mine, where mobile access to the net (and everything related) is still far from being considered “normal”; more a luxury, instead of a necessary condition for effective world citizenship.

So here’s my point: without effective, widespread access to the net, ownership of data (and the ability to take them with you everywhere you could need them) gain back an incredible value.

How could i access my dropbox, if half of my country (rough approximation here, of course) seems more like New Jersey after Sandy, than a member of the G8, net-wise?

Stay Tuned,

P.S. L’avevo già pubblicato anche qui, lo so. Ma purtroppo, rileggendolo, mi son accorto che la situazione non è cambiata poi tanto…

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