Cum grano salis

John Gruber, a proposito degli “effetti collaterali” della nuova politica del “software gratis” adottata da Apple:

Apple is reinforcing the perception that incredibly deep apps, apps that in some cases have been three or four years in the making, “should be” free. Why does your app cost even $1 if the cost of an entire office suite, running on both my Mac and iOS devices, is free of charge? That’s what I worry users will ask. One would hope they’d see the difference between Apple’s financial situation and that of the indie developer, but the truth is that many — maybe most? — people think that everyone who writes apps for the App Store works for Apple. (I know that’s hard to believe, but ask your neighborhood app developer next time you see them.)

Che dire? Speriamo abbia torto. Molto torto.

Stay Tuned,

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