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$250 and they look like Apple Watch chargers stuck in your ear. And people argued that AirPods were too expensive and looked funny. …e a proposito dei Google Buds – presentati ma non funzionanti, nemmeno allo stadio prototipale – che dovrebbero segnare l’ingresso di Big G nel mondo degli auricolari true wireless: Not shipping for […]

Quote Of The Day

Anyone who has observed any significant number of tech events knows this. Every tech company is trying to tap into the emotions of its audience. It’s just that most aren’t so good at it. Remember Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer leading his audience in chanting “developers, developers, developers!” on stage to while pounding his fist and drenched […]

Quote Of The Day

I’ve been a Mac user since the IIsi. I know those features above inside-out, know which have been there since Classic days, which have just arrived, and yes, which can be flaky on occasion. But to see it through a new Mac user’s eyes is to see a vast enormity of mistakes not made. It […]

Quando hanno voglia di litigare…

Ennesima grande app che passa al modello in abbonamento: PDF Expert di Readdle, con la versione 7, raggiunge Ulysses, Drafts, TextExpander e tanti (troppi?) altri. Ho già espresso le mie opinioni riguardo allo switch in questione: ci sono casi in cui ha senso, o almeno lo ha per me (Ulysses), altri in cui proprio ne […]

Lying under the feet of the giants?

Suggerimento podcast (in Inglese americano quindi valutate se sia gestibile). Land Of The Giants Descrizione al volo, grazie al sempre ottimo PocketCasts: La prima stagione è tutta dedicata alla casa del grosso sorriso arancione, croce e delizia di noi fan dello shopping online. Se pensate che la parte “croce” sia un’esagerazione, o sostanzialmente ininfluente, allora […]

Quando non sei più automaticamente parte della maggioranza

The statistic hints at what the white mainland students are going through. (Studiando alle Hawaii, NdR) They are escaping, probably for the first time, what sociologists call “white transparency.” Whiteness stops being invisible to them; they suddenly perceive themselves as having a color — a race. Mi è successa la medesima cosa in Giappone. Uno […]


…app delivery services? They fuck you. They fuck you every time. Why? Because they know you have very little recourse. When you move, or when you have small kids, all too often you find yourself just wanting some food. These apps are super easy and pretty inexpensive to utilize, so you start ordering stuff from […]

Quote Of The Day

Once again, The Macalope is forced to drag Schrödinger’s cat from its theoretical box in order to present the mystery of how the iPhone’s percentage of Apple’s revenue can be both bad when it’s high and bad when it’s low. Writing for MarketWatch, Jon Swartz says “The iPhone just did something it hasn’t done in […]