Bias, bias ovunque.

Non vi sono bastate le polemiche sullo stand a 999$ del monitor da 6.000$? (Che va a concorrere – dice Apple – con un prodotto che costa 43.000$)

Altro giro, altro regalo, allora, grazie al sempre prodigo The Macalope:

Here’s a look at a few of the most visible places Apple is falling down:

Dear reader, you might be thinking “This oughta be good.”

Oh, it will, the Macalope assures you.

The Folding Phone

Yes, Apple is woefully behind on products that fail dramatically during reviews and have to be canceled before a single unit ships to customers.

This is how Petro describes the supposed foldable phone market:

Earlier this year, Samsung and Huawei unveiled the first folding phones, with the new Galaxy Fold on sale in April.

Indeed! It did go on sale! And then all sales were canceled because if you folded the Fold it broke. Seems like that might be a salient point worth mentioning but…I guess not since Petro does not.

Come sempre, merita la lettura anche solo per tornare un po’ con i piedi per terra.

Stay Tuned,

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