Quando non sei più automaticamente parte della maggioranza

The statistic hints at what the white mainland students are going through. (Studiando alle Hawaii, NdR) They are escaping, probably for the first time, what sociologists call “white transparency.” Whiteness stops being invisible to them; they suddenly perceive themselves as having a color — a race. Mi è successa la medesima cosa in Giappone. Uno […]

Quote Of The Day

Once again, The Macalope is forced to drag Schrödinger’s cat from its theoretical box in order to present the mystery of how the iPhone’s percentage of Apple’s revenue can be both bad when it’s high and bad when it’s low. Writing for MarketWatch, Jon Swartz says “The iPhone just did something it hasn’t done in […]

Neoluddisti tristi, o di come addossare i propri limiti allo smartphone invece di provare a migliorarsi anche solo un pochino

It took me a solid three weeks to truly not miss my smartphone. Though I hadn’t been using social media apps on my phone for more than a year, I had become more tethered to my iPhone than I had realized. As I soon found, it created a false security mentally. I thought I had […]

Ladri informati(ci)?

The Loop che rilancia un post su Reddit (possibile quindi si tratti dei una bufala, per stessa ammissione di Dave Mark): Reddit user: I came home this evening to find my house had been broken into. TV – Gone Bluetooth Speaker – Gone Wifes work Laptop (HP) – Gone DSLR Camera – Gone Logitech Headset […]

Quote Of The Day

Apple does its part in trying to combat these insidious privacy violations. They have rules that disallow tracking users without their knowledge; they display permissions dialogs. But nobody’s fooling themselves: bad developers will always find a way to excavate user data. Just look at the myriad shitty uses of JavaScript on the web. Besides, asking […]