Streaming Showdown

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Questo è un post lungo. Con un sacco di link, note e affini. Preparatevi qualcosa da bere. Vi ricordate di quando non c’era lo streaming? Ci lamentavamo della scarsa offerta, della necessità (autentica, non come scusa) di ricorrere al contenuto piratato, dei costi da monopolio imposti dai pochissimi operatori in campo. Adesso […]

Quote Of The Day

Outside of cloud storage management, background privileges for apps could enable a host of helpful utilities and automation. Clipboard management, for example, should be just as easy on the iPad Pro as it is on a Mac, where an app like Copied can instantly, invisibly log everything you copy across the system. Wouldn’t it be […]

Quote Of The Day

Next, what if Netflix convinces top-tier content to think outside the format? The Avengers movies are great, but given the sheer number of characters now involved, they’re getting too elaborate and convoluted for the two-hour film format. What if instead, they were five, 90 minute-long episodes? Who wouldn’t want to watch that? Who wouldn’t pay […]

‘sodes – Binge podcasting

There are no download queues to manage, no auto-deletion behaviors to configure, no inboxes to triage. You tap an episode and it plays. It requires an internet connection, yes, but so do video streaming apps. My use case for podcast listening mirrors how I binge watch pleasantly-shitty Netflix shows about crusty-but-benign police lieutenants and ex-Supreme […]