Non è tutto Chrome quello che luccica

Features, even features that help us build faster, more capable, more powerful web applications are only great if they work well. And herein is the problem; Google implements features that (usually) work at a high pace, but they very rarely make them work efficiently. Chrome has had such a problem with performance they formed a […]

I client email – O della reinvenzione della ruota

Despite its archaic nature and stale protocols, email works – it’s the closest thing to a common standard for digital communication we have. Messaging services may rise and grow and fall and shut down, but email will always be there, humbly humming along, hoarding thousands of unread messages in your inbox. You have to believe […]

Il primo gioco per Notification Center

Si chiama Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Game, è un semplicissimo ma ben fatto endless runner, con grafica da Gameboy (il primo, eh, non pensate chissà che) ed un effetto sonoro per il salto secondo me plagiatissimo da Super Mario Bros (sempre il primo). È gratis, con un acquisto in-app che consente di utilizzare […]

Ancora sui Panama Papers

La Mossack Fonseca c’entra con alcuni dei crimini principali delle ultime decadi—per esempio con quello che i media inglesi hanno definito “il crimine del secolo”, la rapina da 26 milioni di sterline al Brink’s MAT del 1983—e 33 dei suoi clienti sono nel mirino del governo americano per traffici con i signori della droga americani, […]

The wrong plugin – Panama Papers leaks according to Wordfence

Wordfence details how the Mossberg Fonseca (AKA The Panama Papers) breach occurred, “thanks” to the vulnerabilities in the Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin and two mail plugins; one of them, the WP SMTP plugin, apparently stores email server address and login information in plain text in the WordPress database (yippie ki-yay for cryptography!). Esay enough to […]

TextExpander diventa un abbonamento – La mossa del cavallo zoppo

Overall, the balance was in favor of keeping TextExpander. Until today’s announcement of The New TextExpander: Snippets as a Service™. Now I’m being asked to pay more, and continuously, to subscribe to a utility that does less than another utility I already own. […] So unless I discover some compelling reason to stick with the […]