Quote Of The Day

The Watch is Tim Cook’s product. And in the perfect Tim Cook way — subtle, understated, but incredibly powerful — he’s improving the world. Filling the Green Circle – Marco.org È di più di un anno fa, ma posso (finalmente) confermare che è assolutamente vero in ogni sua singola parola. Stay Tuned, Mr.Frost

Quote Of The Day

The Watch is flawed, no doubt. Just like the original iPad, the iPhone, the iPod, and the Mac were before it. But there’s no question in my mind, one year into wearing this thing every day, that it’s a device that has a bright future. The vast majority of Apple customers will never witness these […]

Regala un Watch ad un blogger

…che poi sarei io. O voi, se avete un sacco di lettori (cosa che io non ho) e un sacco di fortuna (cosa che io – in questo campo – non ho). Buy Me A Pie!, tra l’altro forse la migliore app per la lista della spesa che abbia mai provato (residente in pianta stabile […]

Lifeline – Il Tamagotchi dell’era spaziale

Chi si ricorda il Tamagotchi? (non l’attuale versione, l’originale) Ok, ora: chi si ricorda senza un moto di ribrezzo il Tamagotchi? Già meglio. Il piccolo bastardo richiedeva una quantità di attenzione superiore a quella che qualunque ragazzino dell’età cui era destinato avrebbe potuto legalmente dedicarvi, il tutto per evitare che la sua miserabile esistenza a […]

Pavlov quotidiano

With each type of device, we sacrifice a little more of the world immediately around us in exchange for the virtual one. Desktop computers are things of total immersion, where we’re almost piloting a machine. Laptops let us enter that machine from a wider variety of starting locations, and perhaps let us climb out more […]

La Cosa

Very few notice the thing on the wrist. That makes me happy. But some do see it. Once they see it they say, Oh is that the thing? And I say, Yes it is the thing. And they ask, Has it changed your life? And I shrug. And they are so disappointed. They want me […]

Con discrezione

Your Apple Watch becomes the most discrete way to stay connected when at fancy events, or anywhere really. My wife and I no longer need to check if the babysitter is trying to reach us — our Apple Watch will tap us if she is. There’s essentially no reason to use our iPhones, and no […]

Quote Of The Day

The watch will quickly just fit into your life. It was a lot of fun playing with watch faces and apps the first day but by the second day, the Apple Watch was just part of my routine. I communicated with it. I told time with it. I kept track of my activity with it. […]

Quote Of The Day – John Gruber

If you don’t see the joy in that having come to fruition — both sides of it, the function and the style, the engineering and the design — then of course you’re not going to see the point of all the hoopla surrounding Apple Watch. And if you do see the joy in it, if […]

Solo un altro libretto d’istruzioni

Of all the “real” apps I tried in my Apple Watch demo, Maps stood out as the most uniquely useful—as one I’d actually use if I had an Apple Watch. And it, too, is based on quick glances. You start directions, then drop your wrist. It’ll pulse when you need to turn, so you’ll lift […]