Macstories – Impressioni iniziali sul Multitasking di iPad in iOS9

This, I believe, is an important distinction to make when assessing the iPad’s adoption of features that have been exclusive to desktop computers. The iPad’s improved capabilities in iOS 9 are options – deeply integrated with the operating system through gestures, but, ultimately, not the default way to interact with apps. Compare the new iPad multitasking to OS X: when you launch an app on the Mac for the first time, it defaults to window mode without taking up the entire screen; in iOS 9, iPad apps will launch in full-screen as usual and allow you to view a secondary app only when needed.

For this reason, I don’t think iOS 9 is a contradiction of the iPad’s original vision from five years ago. It’s an obvious and necessary evolution.

Federico Viticci – Macstories

Interessante perché, oltre ad essere ben scritto come al solito e molto focalizzato sull’esperienza utente, senza statistiche o orpelli inutili, proviene da una fonte particolarmente coinvolta: come ricorda Federico stesso, infatti l’iPad è il suo computer principale.

Io attendo la versione ufficiale, saltando come mia abitudine le beta, ma confesso che questa volta sono decisamente più impaziente del solito.

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