Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Dopo questa, credo di aver letto tutto.
Marco Arment che deve difendersi dall’accusa di essersi autocensurato per restare nelle grazie di Apple.

Marco Arment.

Per fortuna, la risposta è di livello, da par suo, e come spesso capita merita una tranquilla ed attenta lettura:

My words on this site sometimes, and unpredictably, have a sizable influence, which is both flattering and terrifying. If I write something critical, there’s a decent chance that the people whose work I’m criticizing will see what I wrote and be hurt or offended by it. That doesn’t make me afraid to criticize anyone, but it demands that I choose my words very carefully to ensure that I’m making a solid, fair argument.

Censoring myself for Apple

Stay Tuned,