This iMac really has to make us all question what an iMac is. When the iMac was introduced, it was the new “computer for the rest of us,” a consumer-friendly all-in-one device. This 5K iMac has the power to edit 4K video in Final Cut Pro with room for a timeline and other interface elements. It’s a screen so good, people who have Mac Pros are going to want to replace them with an iMac.

Let’s step through that one again. People will forsake their Mac Pros for this iMac, until there comes a day when a screen like this is available as an external display option for the Mac Pro. For $2500 or less. People who would never have considered buying an iMac will buy this iMac.

Jason Snell

La prospettiva è sempre fondamentale, quindi prima di rimanere impressionati (tipicamente in maniera non proprio positiva) dal cartellino del prezzo del nuovo iMac Retina, occorre considerare ciò che questo computer rappresenta ora e ciò che soprattutto rappresenterà d’ora in avanti.

Siamo davanti ad un’ennesima pietra di paragone: come lo furono l’iPhone e l’iPad, così sarà questo.

E per chi si stesse giustamente ponendo il problema di una macchina overkill rispetto alle proprie necessità (“Non sono Spielberg, e nemmeno McCurry, cosa me ne faccio di un display 5k?”), giunge la tranquillizzante – perchè autoassolutoria, proprio come piace a noi 🙂 – dichiarazione di Shawn Blanc:

Now, I’m someone who rarely does any graphic design, nor do I shoot or edit any video in 4K, and I’m a hobby photographer at best. What do I need a Retina computer for?


That’s right.

I work with words all day long, and text is perhaps one of Retina’s primary beneficiaries. We’ve been saying this since the iPhone 4 came out in 2010, but it has yet to cease to amaze me: type on a Retina screen is sharp, crisp, and print like. And on a 27-inch monitor, it’s all better.

Siamo a posto. 😀

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